Reading-notes on GitHub

May 10, 2016
Tags: misc
Length: short

Update 2022-01-11 — Repository no longer public.

Update 2019-12-13 — Editing.

UPDATE 2022-03-11: I have decided to make this repository private and no longer publicly available. It did not, as for as I am aware, prove useful for anyone else, and having the repository private relieves me of having to be careful in the wording of critical comments. If you would like access to these notes, please let me know.

I have spent some time the last couple of weeks formatting (and in some cases translating to English) notes I took during my PhD studies. I have done this formatting in order to a) make the notes more useful and searchable for me, and b) to make them potentially useful for others. In line with b), and also to have a convenient and accessible backup, I have put them in a repository on GitHub, a text/code hosting site. The notes can be found here. These notes are in some cases more or less complete summaries of articles, but in most cases they are only brief notes and extractions of quotes that I found interesting or useful for my projects. The README in the repo gives a more thorough description of what the notes contain and how they are structured. Pleas read it if you are interesting in looking through the notes. I will keep adding to these notes as I read new articles and books, and edit and update older notes as I reread things.