Eye movements and perceptual span in reading

March 24, 2018
Tags: eye-movements teaching-materials
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I am currently reading up on eye movements in reading. A good way to assimilate new information is to try and come up with ways to visualize it. The document below (LaTeX source) is the result of one such attempt. It is a summary of some basic facts about eye movements in reading, focusing on the structure of fixations, saccades, and perceptual span.

The document is based on Rayner’s 2009 review article on research on eye movements in reading.1

Ducument image

Also, three perfectly square text columns of equal length is pretty cool.

  1. Rayner, Keith. “Eye Movements and Attention in Reading, Scene Perception, and Visual Search.” The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 62, no. 8 (2009): 1457–1506.